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Harmony Fabric for Ceiling Draping | Scenicsource Fabrics

We are often asked; what is the best fabric for ceiling draping and/or ceiling swags.

While there is no standard answer, there are certain standards to consider. Foremost is the question of flame retardancy.

If it is a public access venue, and subject to fire marshal inspection, the draping fabric must have certification that it complies with the NFPA 701 (draping fabric) standards. It may be necessary to produce a flame retardant certificate if requested.

Now for the fun part, choosing the fabric and colors for the look and décor that your event calls for. Many fabric types lend themselves to this type of installation, but generally the lightweight sheers and semi-sheers are the preferred choice of event designers because these types come in wide widths and a myriad of colors. Example, the Scenicsource Voile (sheer) is almost 10 feet wide and available in 24 colors.

Voile Fabric From Scenicsource | Photo Credit Events Plus Nashville

For a luxurious look consider Eleganza, it’s an elegant fabric blending iridescent sheer with metallic overtones. It is worth noting that when using any of the sheer fabrics, the rule of thumb is that a 3 to 1 gather is necessary to achieve the necessary degree of opacity that is preferred. The more dense the fabric, the less gather is required to cover.

At Scenicsource, our mid-range semi-sheer Harmony has been the go-to fabric for event designers for many years, we consider Harmony to be the most versatile and affordable tent and event décor fabric available. It is lightweight, wide and flame retardant, and available in 19 décor friendly colors.

Eleganza Fabric from Scenicsource Fabrics

Our Glee fabric is a very budget friendly knit drape and liner choice that is ideal for event swagging as well as pipe and drape installations. Additionally, one might look to our Polysilk and our Shanghai Silk for a more opaque fabric that covers large areas economically.

Some prefer the natural or rustic look, in which case we would turn to the cotton or jute fibers and suggest a colorful or natural muslin, burlap, or possibly a stable gauze to achieve the desired ambiance.

Shanghai Silk With Color Options | Scenicsource Fabrics

Again, there is no one right answer, but many options may be viewed in our Gallery section, and we would be delighted to review the options that would be most suitable for your event; call us, we are here to help, and we are happy to share our expertise.

Call or email us to get the perfect fabric(s) for your next event!

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