Duvetyne vs. Commando....everything you need to know about blackout fabrics.

While Scenicsource Fabrics, Inc. is a leading wholesale supplier of the broadest selection of the most popular and widely used blackout fabrics to the entertainment and audio visual industry, the question is often asked, what is the difference between all the various types used for masking and blackout?

In brief, Duvetyne is considered the lighter weight and more expendable version, generally in the 12 ounce (per yard) weight class… There is some 8 ounce “duvetyne” offered in the marketplace as an economy item, but we feel the 8 ounce version is too thin to do the job of “blackout/masking” so we stick with the 12 ounce and 16 ounce standards.

Commando Cloth is the heavier of the two, and is also considered an “expendable”, but heavier and more durable at 16 ounces (per yard)… Note that on the West Coast, both are referred to as Duvetyne.

So, why the two types? The short answer is that the 16 ounce Commando Cloth is more light blocking, and the 12 ounce Duvetyne is slightly less so. If there is a light source behind the fabric, Commando would be the better choice. If no light source, for example in a stage skirting application, Duvetyne will do the job.

Another consideration would be what width of fabric is needed to do the job efficiently. Standard width of both Duvetyne and Commando Cloth is 54”. At Scenicsource, we offer standard width, as well as “double width” in both variations, 118” wide seamless fabric. Additionally, these blackout fabrics are available in several different colors, but of course, black is the workhorse for the industry.

To learn more about your options, go to our Fabrics Tab and from the dropdown menu select Blackout Fabrics… Or, you could just call or email us, we would love to talk with you and send you samples for your viewing pleasure.


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