The question comes up often, What is the best fabric to use for pipe & drape?

In the old days, that was easily answered with two words… Banjo Cloth (Eeeewwww). Of course, it did the job, it was affordable and fairly durable, but not a pleasure to look at (probably would not even get a Miss Congeniality nod).

Much better options are available now, and at very favorable pricing from Scenicsource Fabrics; a top choice and favorite is POLYTEX, available from Scenicsource in almost 60 colors. It is also a favorite for Table Skirting, since it is a full 66 inches in width. It’s an IFR, washable knit that drapes beautifully.

For a more upscale Velour look, we turn to our exclusive fabric ULTRAVEL® available in the 6 most popular colors, it is 60” wide and IFR. It is the economical choice for event and production designers and is the go-to choice.

ULTRAVEL® from Scenicsource Fabrics, Inc.

Top line for durability and longevity, at a higher price, would be Milliken’s ENCORE. Black is the predominant choice, but other colors can be special ordered; it is available in 15 ounce (most popular) and 22 ounce (a bit over-kill).

pipe and drape fabrics
Dynasty Fabric from

A more recent fabric gaining popularity is our DYNASTY, it’s a sexy looking Dupioni-Shantung weave for the raw silk look at a budget friendly price, offered in over 30 colors.

While there is no one correct answer to what is right or wrong, we at Scenicsource have been the wholesale fabric supplier to event management, event design and event production companies around the country for over 20 years!

Give us a call to discuss your projects and specs, and we will do our utmost to give you the best information to make your choice.

Check out our website, shoot an email, sign up for our online catalog, and remember we are always happy to send you a sample for your review!

If you’re looking for a specific type of fabric for an event or not sure what type of fabric to use, please feel free to reach out to us anytime by phone or email. You will always speak with a person (never a machine or automation). We don’t compete with your events, we simply provide the fabrics for you to create your vision.

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