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If you haven't noticed yet, we try to answer the most frequent questions we receive at Scenicsource Fabrics here on the blog. We hope the blog is an educational tool for those who might be wondering which fabric is best for a particular project or event.

So, what is the best fabric (muslin/canvas) for painted backdrops, scenic murals and large fine art?

Several factors need to be considered;

* What size is the installation, seamless painters fabrics come in many widths, all the way up to 40 feet seamless width.

*Will the artwork be a permanent or temporary installation.

*Will the painting be a framed art piece or permanent mural.

We are here to help with your decision, just call us to speak with one of our industry-savvy experts or email us at !

But, in general terms, if you are working on a theatrical backdrop that is for temporary use, and rolled for storage until the next production, then “Painters Muslin” should do well. Painters Muslin is 4 ounce mid-weight sheeting with a 128 thread count that primes well and does a good job with paint saturation because of thread density.

Painters Muslin is generally used in theatre and motion picture productions as temporary scene backdrop; it is available in seamless widths of 108” (9 ft), 120” (10 ft), 144” (12 ft) and 165” (13.75 ft).

A heavier weight and wider widths is available with “Scenic Canvas” the 6 ounce heavy weight muslin weave that is ideal when a wider or more permanent installation is called for. This weave is also available in select colors for use in cyclorama installation. Scenic Canvas is available in 144” seamless width and up to 312” (26 ft) seamless width.

Painters Canvas” (12 ounce and 15 ounce) is available in 72” width (aka Ground Cloth) and 120” width. Painters Canvas is a true heavy weight duck canvas, and is generally used as fine art or permanent mural canvas. The professional artist will frame and gesso this canvas prior to use.

Again, artistic interpretation is the driving factor and is up to the scenic artist’s creative insight. At Scenicsource, the scenic artist will find helpful guidance and a knowledgeable staff to help in the selection of just the right product for project.

If you’re looking for a specific type of fabric for an event or not sure what type of fabric to use, please feel free to reach out to us anytime by phone or email. You will always speak with a person (never a machine or automation). We don’t compete with your events, we simply provide the fabrics for you to create your vision.

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